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Welcome to Loukia Supreme ABA a small, family-owned center that provides the highest quality Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services for children with autism and other conditions. Our center offers in-home ABA care, parent training, and family support through exclusive, customized packages for each family. Our scientifically driven approach extends beyond financial limitations and ensures optimal outcomes for every child. 

Our mission is clear: to identify the most efficient way for every client to acquire new skills. Utilizing the strengths of each child in combination with the most cutting-edge research methodologies, we design exclusive packages including unique instructional material for each child. That's what sets us apart, our comprehensive scientific approach and dedication to designing the highest quality intervention packages that are exclusive and unique, as unique as the individuals we serve. 

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Loukia Supreme ABA matches donations supporting services to families around the world

We are dedicated to make a positive impact by matching donations that support behavioral services for both families and professionals. Your contribution ensures access to crucial behavioral support, creating meaningful change in the lives of those we serve. Join us in making a difference through the power of generosity and collaboration.

Support a parent, a student or a school in Africa, Asia, Europe or South America.

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